The invite-only Slack community where modern marketers learn, share, and experiment with AI together

Community Guidelines

We are committed to creating a welcoming, supportive, and enriching environment for all of our members. To help us do this, please read and familiarize yourself with our values and policies.

Our purpose

LLMs are here, and they’re poised to transform how we live and work. Roles will evolve, skill demands will shift, and entire industries will be reshaped. Whether you’re curious, excited, or nervous about these implications, Automagically is a safe, communal space for marketers like you to learn, share, experiment, and stay at the forefront of AI together.

Our values

The community operates with three core values in mind: be respectful, be helpful, and be engaged.Be respectful
Being respectful means treating one another with kindness, consideration, and dignity—regardless of background or professional experience. In practice, this involves actively listening to others, considering different opinions, and fostering an environment of inclusion and belonging. When we show each other respect, we create a safe and welcoming space for everyone to share their ideas and experiences.
Be helpful
Being helpful means actively supporting fellow community members in their learning and development. This includes sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences; providing feedback; and offering guidance. When we help each other out, we contribute to the community’s collective growth and create an environment of collaboration and mutual support.
Be engaged
We encourage everyone to be present, actively participate, and contribute to the community’s overall development. This includes joining discussions, sharing insights, asking questions, giving feedback, attending events, and potentially collaborating on projects. By staying engaged, we ensure our community remains a valuable and dynamic learning resource for everyone.

What Automagically is for

  • Discussing, learning, questioning, and experimenting with AI or AI-adjacent topics

  • Sharing your experience with AI

  • Asking questions

  • Giving helpful and respectful feedback

  • …anything else at the intersection of marketing and AI 🙃

What Automagically is not for

  • Discussing news that isn’t relevant to marketing or AI (outside of the #random channel)

  • Self-promotion or spam

  • Solicitation of any kind (see “Community safety”)

Communicating on Slack

The Automagically community is hosted on Slack. If you’re new to Slack, we highly recommend reading Collaborate with Kindness for tips on effective use.Here are a few ways to maintain a positive, organized, and engaged community:

  • ✅ Choose the appropriate channel before posting (see “Public channels”).

  • 🧵 Use threads to keep conversations organized and on-topic.

  • 🔌 Please don’t use the community as a platform to promote your product or service. We encourage you to share your AI-related projects in the #showcase channel, but self-promotional content posted in other channels may be removed.

  • 🤫 Use DMs for private or 1:1 conversations, but be mindful that your DM is warranted. Repeated unwanted solicitation will not be tolerated.

  • ⏳ Be patient and give others time to respond. Allow some time before following up on unanswered messages or questions.

Public channels

Here is the full list of Automagically’s channels and a short description for each. If you have an idea for a new channel, please DM one of the admins :)

  • #announcements: Read-only channel for announcements and important updates. This channel includes all community members.

  • #events: Find cool things to attend, or see who else is going.

  • #help: Ask your questions here!

  • #intros: Introduce yourself and meet other members of the community.

  • #news: Share and discuss news and advancements in AI.

  • #opportunities: Share jobs, projects, and other opportunities available to the community.

  • #prompt-experiments: Share findings and tips around engineering prompts for best output.

  • #random: Use this channel for miscellaneous, fun conversations. Topics here don't need to be strictly about marketing or AI.

  • #resources: Mod-approved tools to help you on your journey.

  • #showcase: Show off work that you collaborated with AI on 💪

Community safety

We look forward to making Automagically the best community on the Internet. To that end, we prohibit inappropriate or detrimental behaviors, including but not limited to:

  • Fraudulently representing yourself, a person, or a brand: We trust that everyone in the community is who they say they are.

  • Using email addresses without permission: While email addresses are hidden by default, should you come across another community member’s email or other contact information, do not save or distribute it without permission. This includes adding community members to your email listserv without explicit opt-in, or selling or otherwise providing emails to a third party.

  • Being disrespectful to other community members: We expect all members to maintain a positive and respectful demeanor within the community. Any disagreement should be constructive; conversations that veer into the territory of trolling or being unnecessarily confrontational are frowned upon and may be removed.

This is a moderated community. Any member who does not abide by the guidelines, or is exhibiting behavior that the moderators deem inappropriate, may be removed.We hope that Automagically will be a safe space for everyone involved, and we expect everyone to respect each other’s privacy. That being said, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages or information shared in Slack.

Anti-harassment notice

Automagically has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, and retaliation of any kind, including but not limited to: verbal or written abuse, offensive comments, unwanted advances, intimidation, stalking, exclusionary remarks or jokes, sexualized language, and sharing of inappropriate images or materials.Any member found to be engaging in such behavior, will be removed from the community immediately, and their actions may be reported to the appropriate authorities. If you or someone you know is experiencing harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, you have the right to speak up—please contact the moderators at

Your commitment

We’ve established these guidelines to direct how we communicate and interact with one another, ensuring a supportive and valuable environment for our community. By joining and participating in the Automagically Slack group, you agree to abide by these guidelines.If you have any suggestions or questions about the guidelines, please reach out to the moderators at may update these guidelines from time to time. Any material changes will be communicated in #announcements.


Automagically is created and managed by Tessa Mu, Erin Gusty, and Jaclyn Siu, marketing industry veterans who are exploring AI as the next frontier in how we live, work, and interface with the world.

Tessa Mu

Tessa is an award-winning marketer whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Ad Age, AdWeek, TechCrunch, and Vogue. Early in her career, she launched and grew Marc Jacobs’ global ecommerce and digital presence to an audience of 6.5M, then drove marketing and creative campaigns with brands like Nike, Uniqlo, and Uber at mobile commerce startup, Spring. From there, she joined Seed as its first hire and VP Marketing, and was responsible for cultivating a brand known not only for its disruption of the $50B global probiotics category, but also its disruptive approach to marketing.Currently, she’s the cofounder and CEO of Plot, the AI-powered collaborative workspace trusted by omnichannel marketing teams at YNAB, Square, and Lovevery.

Erin Gusty

Erin is a seasoned operator and leader with over a decade of experience in startups. She's led teams at several venture-backed companies, such as Seed (consumer life sciences startup) and Aaptiv (fitness platform sold to PEAR). Erin is a generalist with a talent for leading large-scale projects across diverse categories, notably: platform migrations, company-wide pay equity and transparency, supply chain & logistics, pricing and packaging, channel expansion, and more. As a leader, she cares deeply about the well-being and growth of her teammates and is passionate about creating a positive, fulfilling work environment for all.Erin is currently one of the co-founders and COO of Plot, a collaboration software for marketing teams.

Jaclyn Siu

Jaclyn is a 3x founder, mentor, educator, and angel investor with deep expertise in the culture, creative, and tech spaces and passion for empowerment, education, emerging tech, and curiosity. A seasoned growth operator and brand marketer, she spearheaded disruptive, innovative campaigns and brands for the likes of JAY-Z and Rihanna; onboarded blue chip artists like Daniel Arsham and Hajime Sorayama into web3; and is now building Starcycle, an AI cofounder for SMBs. Jaclyn is also a guest lecturer in the Social Media specialty in the PR Masters program at New York University and splits her time between Berlin and New York City.


I’m not in a marketing or creative role. Can I still join?
We are currently accepting applications from folks in marketing or creative roles.
If you are not in a traditional marketing role but perform marketing duties as part of your job description (e.g. founder, sales, etc.), we encourage you to apply. Kindly provide additional details in your application to let us know how marketing and AI impact your work and why you would benefit from or contribute to the community.How do I join the community or invite others to join?
There are two ways to join Automagically:
1. New members can request an invite at, or
2. In Slack, existing members can click Automagically (top left) and select Invite people to Automagically. This will trigger a request to the moderators to approve or reject your invitation.
Who are the moderators and how do I contact them?
The moderators are @Tessa Mu, @Jaclyn Siu, and @Erin Gusty. DM one of them on Slack with any questions, and if for some reason you don’t hear back, you can send an email to
Can I connect with other members in the community?
We encourage everyone to utilize public channels to facilitate knowledge sharing and conversation. That being said, you may connect with other members via DM when appropriate, provided you follow the community guidelines and obtain consent to message them directly.
Are there any opportunities for collaboration or sponsorship?
Absolutely—please contact the moderators at to discuss partnership opportunities.